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    20 Signs You're A Sorority Girl

    Sisters for life.

    1. You can quote Mean Girls like it’s your job.

    2. "Big" and "little" don't just refer to sizes anymore.

    3. You get super involved in philanthropic events.

    4. You browse Pinterest and tumblr on the reg for sorority crafting ideas.

    5. Watching bad reality shows with your sisters is basically tradition.

    6. You’ve pulled the srat squat too many times to count

    7. And you've mastered the hand-on-hip pose.

    8. Froyo--it's an addiction.

    9. You’re obsessed with

    10. Formals are an excuse to get super dressed up for a night and act classy. Stay classy, never trashy!

    11. Your spirit jersey is one of the most comfortable things in your closet.

    12. You want to buy everything and anything that has your letters on it.

    13. It’s not weird that you own a paddle.

    14. Your movie and tv marathons include the occasional Greek related show or film.

    15. Sometimes you can relate to @totalsratmove and @sororityproblem a little bit too much.

    16. You've accumulated way too many things with your letters on it.

    17. You feel the urge to Instagram nearly everything.

    18. You're always ready to throw what you know.

    19. You feel like you have a real home away from home.

    20. ...And girls you can truly call your sisters.