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15 Signs You're Ready For College

You've survived senior year of high school. Now it's time for bigger and better things.

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1. You've spent way too much money on dorm shopping. / Via

Is everything going to fit in the car, Dad?

2. ...And bought way more school supplies than you'll ever need.

3. Your mom finally taught you how to do laundry.

Folding? Sorting? It's too much.

4. You've been working on your alcohol tolerance.

5. You've stalked your "Class Of" Facebook page

6. And your future roommate's Facebook.

Assuming he or she has one. If not, you decide to prepare for the worst.

7. You feel like this when you see high schoolers:

8. You feel like you're going crazy at home.

And you feel like there's nothing to do.

9. You plan on hitting up the gym everyday.

10. People are asking you what you're studying and you're like,

11. Your parents are talking about how much they'll miss you and how much you've grown up.

12. You might not admit it, but you know you'll miss them too.

13. And sometimes you're like,

14. And that you're just that much closer to the real world

15. But then you realize you're going to have the absolute best 4 years of your life.

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