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Dish opened its doors in the summer of 2002. Located in Plaza Midwood, Dish is known for its southern comfort food. From meatloaf to chicken and dumplings, Dish is known to be a city favorite of most Charlottians.

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Walking into Dish, you get an instant feeling of homeliness. Dish is no ordinary restaurant, filled with high end wine and expensive table settings. Instead, the owners of Dish strive to give their customers a warming atmosphere and meal.



First off, all of Dish's entrees come with a biscuit and a deviled egg. And for just a regular biscuit and egg, they actually make you wish you had a whole plate. Fortunately, you can order the deviled eggs as an appetizer, which I now know to do next time. For dinner I order pot roast, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese. And I was 100% satisfied with my meal, especially the mac and cheese. In Columbia, SC we have a place called Lizards Thicket, which I haven't seen since I moved to Charlotte. However, Dish did a great job with curing my comfort food cravings.

You can see the menu here:


Overall, I rate Dish a 9/10 pretty much everything was great. However, it didn't really make me feel as though it was worth a perfect score. Although everything was great, it didn't give me the full wow factor. I'll definitely be back to eat at Dish though, and I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to get some good old southern food.

Unfortunately, the recording of Dish on Diner's Drive In's, and Dives is no longer on YouTube.

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