eru maru
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    • eru maru

      Actually, by the reasoning of many people of whose comments i see, its really easy to not be labelled as a “creep”. Just don’t go to the convention. Stay away from cosplay events. cuz, that’s exactly what you’re trying to say. Going to this events; looking at this cosplayers means you KNOW that you are going to look at them, and you know you ARE going to judge them, give them attention… yourself the contradiction, don’t go. This way, the people you judge as attention seeking, won’t get the attention, and you won’t have to puzzle your mind over “who the hell would want to dress up that way.”  Sounds ridiculous? Yea, just as ridiculous as someone saying that its the cosplayer’s fault that they deserve to be treated with less respect just because they’re dressing up/down. You people are telling me that you treat strangers you have absolutely NO knowledge of with less respect just because you can? How simple minded and straightforward. It’s like a seducer coming up to you, an attached person, and you saying that its the seducer’s fault u were seduced, because she was asking for it, and you lack the control to say otherwise. Ridiculous indeed.

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