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    13 Things Only Theater Kids Can Relate To

    Jazz hands!

    1. You’re sick and tired of people telling you theater isn’t as hard as sports...

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    You try learning all this choreography, memorizing tons of lines, and going to never-ending rehearsals and tell me it's not hard. I dare you.

    2. And asking “Why would you want to spend all that time memorizing lines?”


    Why would you want to spend all your time being a jerk?

    3. Your theater group is your family.


    You've never met so many people who understand and connect with you outside of theater. Your theater friends have your back. They are the people who enjoy you for your weird, crazy self. Theater people are just the best people on earth.

    4. You and your theater friends are pretty much the weirdest whenever you’re together.


    Excuse us while we sing show tunes at the top of our lungs.

    5. Your first kiss was probably a stage kiss.


    And it is was probably AWKWARD.

    6. You’ve experienced so much heartbreak because of cast lists.

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    Oh misery, thy name is cast list...But you probably ended up having a blast anyways.

    7. You don’t understand how some people can hate show tunes…


    Do you also hate puppies? And laughter? And joy of any kind?

    8. Because your iTunes is full of them.


    Can't talk. Too busy defying gravity.

    9. You secretly judge people when they aren’t familiar with an iconic Broadway show.

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    You don't know Chicago? H-h-how?

    10. High School Musical is your life in a nutshell.


    And you wish it were socially acceptable to just start singing how you feel about a situation.

    11. Tech week is the most stressful thing you’ve ever experienced.

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    You've pretty much learned how to tune out your yelling director.

    12. Opening night is the biggest mess of emotion, nerves, excitement, and panic.


    Do I know all my lines? Blocking? Oh god, I have a pimple. What if my costume rips? I think I'm losing my voice. I'm so psyched! I love all you guys! We'll do great...I hope. OH GOD WHAT SHOULD I BE FEELING?

    13. And there’s nothing more satisfying than a huge round of applause after you’ve spent months working your butt off.

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    I'M A STAR!

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