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The Pros And Cons Of Growing Up With A Popular Sibling

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Pro: Everyone in high school knew who you were

Con: But only because you were someone's little brother or sister

Pro: You got to go to cool parties you wouldn't have normally been invited to

Con: You were not there to have fun.

Pro: You not only knew the captain of the football/baseball/track team, you were related to them!

Con: Their athletic prowess only highlighted your lackthereof

Pro: You knew a lot more people through your sibling and, thus, had more friends

Con: Some of those "friends" ended up only hanging out with you to get closer to them

Pro: All of your teachers recognized your last name and already felt like they knew you

Con: You were unable to replicate the charm and wit necessary to maintain their rapport


Pro: Karmically, you deserve to one day eclipse them with your beauty and charisma

Con: That, like, doesn't always happen

Pro: You're the only one who still has photographic evidence of their awkward years

Con: Compared to them, you're still in your awkward years

Pro: Said sibling has cute, equally popular friends who would come over to your house sometimes (!!!)

Con: It's not like you ever got to hang out with them.


Pro: They give out great advice because they've been there, done that

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Con: They don't know how if feels to not have a date to Homecoming so you're kind of on your own in that department

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Pro: There are tons of perks to having a direct line to someone who knows everyone.


Con: Perks don't come free.

Pro: They were so cool, they had a fake I.D. before anyone else


Con: They felt comfortable charging you $20 for a bottle of Burnetts

Pro: Covering for them got you major brownie points

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Con: Lying to your parents was the most exciting thing to happen to you all week

FOX / Via

Pro: When they think someone is messing with you, they'll go into scary protective mode

Con: It's easy to abuse that and accidentally get some high school kid put in the sleeper hold at a Fourth of July party

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Pro: Their popularity transferred into college and everytime you visited their campus you would be treated like actual royalty

Con: When you got back to your own school you were reminded that you were not actual royalty

Pro: Whenever you hang out with them you end up with fun, hilarious stories

Con: That only makes you realize how pathetic and boring you are in your own life

Pro: Whenver you tag them in one of your Facebook photos it gets like, 100 likes in six minutes

Con: You watch them post the most inane statuses that get like, 100 likes in six minutes

Pro: Everybody loves them!

Con: That doesn't mean they can't be a real pain in the ass sometimes


Pro: But despite everything, you wouldn't want anyone else as your sibling.

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Double Pro! Neither would they..


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