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    Decorate Your Home With This Personalized Concrete Hand DIY

    Sure, we can lend you a hand.

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    Decorate your home with one of these awesome hand sculptures. All you need is concrete and a latex glove.

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    Concrete projects can seem really intimidating, but it's actually really easy to use. It dries within a day and looks great even if it's not perfect.

    You'll need a few things:

    Bucket, $6.80

    Quick-dry cement, $4.73


    Shovel or stir stick

    Dishwashing glove

    Jar or bowl

    Gaffer tape, $13.99


    Sand paper (optional), $7.36

    1. Stay safe!

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    2. Mix 4 cups of cement and 4 cups of water using a shovel or a stir stick.

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    3. Poke holes in each glove finger with a needle.

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    This prevents air bubbles from forming.

    4. Pull the glove around a jar, fingers first, to hold the wrist open. Fill with cement.

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    Leave a few inches of room at the top so that you can tie the glove closed.

    5. Pull the glove out of the jar and tape the opening closed.

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    6. Shape your glove to your liking, let the concrete cure for 24 hours, and then cut off the latex with scissors or a utility knife.

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    Here's how to get the concrete to dry in each shape:

    Tuck your hand into a bowl to create a helpful charging stand.

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    Flip the middle finger inside the glove and fit a candle into it. Roll up the hand and let it dry flat.

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    Remove the candle when the concrete begins to harden but before it completely cures—it heats up as it cures and could melt the candle wax.

    Tape down the four fingers to make an encouraging hook.

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    Tape down the thumb, ring, and pinky fingers to create a jewelry hanger that is so ~zen~.

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    Watch the full tutorial here.

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