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    3 Cheap 2-Ingredient Ways To Banish Color Bleed

    Quite possibly the most traumatizing of all chores...

    Doing laundry is almost never fun and almost always results in a crisis of some kind.

    1. Water + Bleach

    Submerge your wet, stained item in the mixture and let it soak for 10 minutes. If there is still a stain in your garment, throw it back in the washer and repeat the process.

    2. Ammonia + Dish Soap

    Submerge your garment in the mixture and scrub at the stain with a toothbrush.

    After soaking your garment has soaked for 30 minutes, rinse it out with water. Repeat the process if necessary.

    3. Water + Hydrogen Peroxide

    After 30 minutes of soaking your garment in the mixture, rinse it out and repeat the process until the stain fades completely.

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