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    3 Cheap 2-Ingredient Ways To Banish Color Bleed

    Quite possibly the most traumatizing of all chores...

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    Doing laundry is almost never fun and almost always results in a crisis of some kind.


    For example, that time you left the one red sock in your whites load. Traumatic. No worries, as long as the stains haven’t had time to set, you can return them to their old self using one of three of these tricks. This only works if the garments are still wet or have been air-dried (the heat of the dryer will set the stain), the technique will be effective.

    *Please use gloves when handling these chemicals.*

    1. Water + Bleach

    BuzzFeed / Nifty

    If the stained item is a color, use color-safe bleach.

    Submerge your wet, stained item in the mixture and let it soak for 10 minutes. If there is still a stain in your garment, throw it back in the washer and repeat the process.

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    You should only dry your garment when the stain is completely removed.

    2. Ammonia + Dish Soap

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    You'll want to perform this trick in a well-ventilated area.

    Submerge your garment in the mixture and scrub at the stain with a toothbrush.

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    After soaking your garment has soaked for 30 minutes, rinse it out with water. Repeat the process if necessary.

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    3. Water + Hydrogen Peroxide

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    After 30 minutes of soaking your garment in the mixture, rinse it out and repeat the process until the stain fades completely.

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