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    17 Curious And Unsettling Questions Raised By Disney's Beauty And The Beast

    Disney's Beauty and The Beast is a modern classic, definitely deserving of the long-standing praise — it's simply bursting with charm and as easy to enjoy today as it was decades ago. There are, however, a few plot holes that we should examine.

    #1. Don't you have people for that?

    #2. Is this powerful, meddling woman still at large?

    #3. Is LeFou a masochist, or merely addicted to physical torture?

    #4. Does Gaston have something against aggressive women?

    #5. Is it really wise to let a man with a head injury out for a drive?

    #6. Are those Cogsworth's organs?

    #7. Can we really blame Gaston for being a prick?

    #8. Is it wrong to drink tea out of a little boy?

    #9. What sorts of pervy things has the Beast seen?

    #10. If someone is a stove, is someone also a toilet?

    #11. Why does Belle waste everyone's time?

    #12. Was he actually going to hit her with that gigantic snowball?

    #13. Is Belle wearing a dead person's clothes?

    #14. Were Belle and the Beast about to become intimate?

    #14. How terrible ARE these villagers anyway?

    #16. Isn't Gaston just doing his job?

    #17. Does breaking the curse heal grievous injuries?