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    HELP, I Need To Find Someone Else On This Planet Who's Seen The Show "Toad Patrol"


    Hello, I'm Erin, and I'm on a mission to find somebody in this world who has also seen the TV show Toad Patrol

    Does anyone else remember these cute lil' guys?

    I used to *stan* this guy:

    My sister and I (pictured below) used to watch this every morning before school... and literally NOBODY I KNEW WATCHED IT.

    Like, none of my eight-year-old friends watched it, and I haven't met a single other person who has seen it since.

    I've asked high school friends, college friends, friends in other countries — nothing! I started to wonder if it ever actually existed...

    ...but then I found the IMDb page, and low-and-behold, it's real.

    So, now I continue my worldwide search for somebody else who has seen this magnificent show about singing toadstools.

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