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17 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love James Corden

It's the warm-hearted and cheerful funny guy who we all want to be friends with.

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British people know him from his endless work with Comic Relief and the hilarious Gavin and Stacey, but now James Corden has seemed to have stolen everyone's hearts in America, and we could not blame them for falling in love with him as much as we have. Here are 17 reasons why everyone should love him, even you!

1. He's adorable / Via

I mean, look at him

2. He doesn't take himself too seriously / Via

And can we talk about how lit his Beyoncé parody was?

3. He is a ray of sunshine / Via

His crosswalk musicals are the BOMB!

4. We can not forget to mention his Carpool Karaoke / Via

We did not know how much we needed a musical edition of Carpool Karaoke until we watched this

5. When himself and Cyndi Lauper did a feminist version of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" / Via

We did not realise we could love him more

6. When he won a Tony / Via

And thanked his wife in the most adorable way possible

7. His harmonies

8. He loves his wife / Via

Can we just appreciate how adorable this gif is?

9. His tribute to the Orlando victims / Via


10. His touching speech towards Caitlyn Jenner coming out as transgender

And when he did not forget to mention Transgender children in his Tony's opening number. YOU GO JAMES!
buzzfeed / Via

And when he did not forget to mention Transgender children in his Tony's opening number. YOU GO JAMES!

11. When he hosted the Brits / Via

And made so many reaction gifs

12. Every single moment from the Tonys / Via


13. Gavin and Stacey / Via

How could we not mention this?

14. Every moment from The Late Late Show / Via

We did not know we could be that jealous of Norman Reedus

15. When he was on the The Late Show with Steven Colbert and said the truest words / Via

We are Steven Colbert

16. When Stevie Wonder called his wife and he started to cry / Via

Did I ever tell you that I also love Stevie Wonder?

17. When he sang a song about being a dad / Via

Iconic / Via


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