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10 Female WWE Stars Explained Through 2016 Emmy Contenders

Let Alicia Florrick, Annalese Keating, Kimmy Schmidt and more acquaint you with a few other tough-as-nails ladies.

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If you're unfamiliar with professional wrestling, you might assume that the women who populate that world are two-dimensional, objectified stereotypes. You'd be wrong, of course, but it's not enough to just tell you that.

To demonstrate the complex and fascinating types of women that grace the wrestling ring, let's find their spiritual sisters amongst the most engaging female characters on television: those who stand a good chance of being nominated for an Emmy on July 14th.

1. Sasha Banks and the Leda clones from Orphan Black

WWE/BBC America

Who is she?: A California native known best as "The Boss," Sasha started her wrestling training as a teen and is now one of - if not the - most popular female performers in the WWE, thanks to her engaging personality and bag of tricks that puts most of her male counterparts to shame. Try as you might, you can't define Sasha in any one way, to her immense credit.

How does she compare?: Much of Sasha's popularity with fans stems from her versatility. She's the full package, able to outwrestle and outtalk most of her peers while possessing a kind of magnetism that attracts the attention of even those who tend to dismiss women's wrestling matches as "bathroom breaks." In her own way, she's the Tatiana Maslany of wrestling, able to crush any challenge put in front of her. She might not possess the skill needed to slip into the identities of countless clones, but Sasha's more than capable of filling any role the WWE might throw at her.

2. Charlotte and Alicia Florrick from The Good Wife


Who is she?: Charlotte, born Ashley Fliehr, is the daughter of wrestling royalty Ric Flair. Her extensive athletic background allowed her to make the transition to wrestling quickly and seamlessly, advancing to the top of the WWE's women's division in the span of two years. She currently holds the WWE’s Women’s Championship.

How does she compare?: While her talent is undeniable, Charlotte will always exist in the shadow of her father's legacy. Being the daughter of Ric Flair certainly has had its advantages, but it must be a difficult thing to live up to. In much the same way, superstar lawyer Alicia Florrick constantly found herself in the shadow of her husband, the twice-indicted Illinois Governor Peter Florrick. No matter how high she climbed up the corporate ladder, Peter's shadow loomed large over Alicia. Both women have used their close connections to famous (sometimes infamous) men to help get to where they are, but their biggest challenge will always be finding a way to be recognized for the success they created for themselves.

3. Maryse Mizanin and Claire Underwood from House of Cards


Who is she?: Maryse Mizanin née Ouellet is married to WWE star Mike "The Miz Mizanin", but she's more than just a wrestler's wife. She had a six-year wrestling career of her own, during which she won the WWE's Divas Championship twice. After retiring in 2012, Maryse made a surprise return to the WWE this past April, assuming the role of her husband's manager.

How does she compare?: Much like Frank Underwood's better half, Maryse has ambition by the truckload. She's more than capable of fending for herself and taking what she wants, decency be damned. Both she and Claire are pragmatic, able to step into the "supportive spouse" role when needed and more than willing to use their numerous skills to help their husbands succeed. Their villainy makes them unpredictable, though: you never know when their thirst for glory might turn them from their husband's greatest asset into his most formidable threat.

4. Paige and Jessica Jones from Jessica Jones


Who is she?: A woman with an edge that could carve through stone, Paige is the rare second generation performer whose wrestling lineage comes from her mother. She's every bit her mother's daughter, too, sporting a bad attitude with a bruising in-ring repertoire to match. Her gothic rocker style reflects her gritty personality while allowing her to stand out amongst her technicolored peers.

How does she compare?: Paige and Jessica look enough alike, their raven hair and love for leather making the comparison easy. Where the true similarities lie, though, are their attitudes. They're great at what they do - kicking ass and outsmarting their foes - and have a knack for making it look easy. If true coolness lies in how you do things, Paige and Jessica are could write one hell of an instruction manual.

5. Stephanie McMahon and Selina Meyer from Veep


Who is she?: For years, the most powerful woman in wrestling has been the First Daughter of the WWE, Stephanie McMahon. Having been part of the WWE since she was a teenager, Stephanie has worked her way to the top using all manner of cunning and cut-throat strategy. In another life, she might have made one hell of a politician. As things stand, though, she's poised to inherit the billion-dollar empire from her father Vince, so she's not doing too bad for herself.

How does she compare?: Selina Meyer made it to the top of the political mountain by putting to work many of those same qualities Stephanie possesses, using anything and anyone to achieve her ultimate goal: the Presidency. Both of these women have proven that power is a double-edged sword, having shattered the glass ceiling only to be cut by it all the same. Being women in power, humiliation and failure are frequent fixtures in Selina and Stephanie's lives, but they have learned to give as good as they get, somehow always finding a way to land on their feet and continue their climb.

6. Alicia Fox and Suzanne Warren from Orange is the New Black


Who is she?: Alicia Fox is one of the longest-serving members of the WWE's women's division, but you wouldn't know it: she's got a freshness to her that makes her every outing seem new. Part of that comes from her boundless energy, but much of the credit must be given to her hidden depths: aspects of her personality that emerge only when poked or prodded at. This makes her a wild card and turns her matches into rollercoaster rides. You can never be sure which Alicia you're going to get.

How does she compare?: Aside from the most obvious connection - that Alicia at her most volatile exhibits a "crazy" personality - she and Suzanne are alike in that they are often overlooked and underestimated by those around them. Suzanne, once referred to by the derogatory nickname "Crazy Eyes," has a host of hidden talents and passions that would go unnoticed if not for backstory and the rare bystander taking a passing interest. Both Alicia and Suzanne are women who loudly and proudly color outside the lines, but only those who care to invest will discover the true potential underneath.

7. Becky Lynch and Rebecca Bunch from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


Who is she?: Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Becky Lynch brings a kind of enthusiasm and energy to the ring that few can match. Everything, from her bright orange hair to her quirky personality, seems designed to make her unforgettable. It helps that few can match her in-ring skills; you wouldn't want to look away, even if you could.

How does she compare?: Like Rachel, Becky is unflappable, almost incomprehensibly buoyant. In less capable hands, these personalities could get old quick, but somehow, these women make you want to follow them down the rabbit hole. In a way, it's nice to see someone who refuses to be weighed down by the heaviness of a (sometimes) cruel world.

8. Bayley and Kimmy Schmidt from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Who is she?: Bayley is a cartoon character come to life, refusing to let failure or disappointment color her sunny worldview. She's a perfect hero for young girls, providing them with the first female wrestler who is at once wholesome and inspiring. Her inherent goodness doesn't make her boring, though: it actually makes her stand out. After all, it's hard to root against someone whose entrance is signaled by the arrival of an army of Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Men.

How does she compare?: The similarities are pretty obvious: both Bayley and Kimmy are almost sickeningly sweet, refusing to stoop to the level of their more hardened peers. In direct contrast to the darkness of her past, Kimmy is a constant ray of sunshine, optimistic and energized. Similarly, Bayley routinely encounters unsavory characters and bleak situations, but never, ever lets it break her stride.

9. Naomi and Annalese Keating from How to Get Away With Murder


Who is she?: Easily the most athletic of her peers, Naomi is the embodiment of untapped potential. She's long been ready for glory, but somehow, she's never quite made it to the top of the mountain. It's frustrating to see her be denied the stardom she's so obviously ready for, but there's something reassuring about knowing that when opportunity eventually knocks, she'll be ready to kick the door down, glowing sneakers and all.

How does she compare?: Despite all of her obvious skill and sizable reputation, somehow Annalese is routinely underestimated by those who cross her. In some situations, that's a useful thing: she's able to cover up crimes and commit a few of her own and still go undetected. In others, it's frustrating: you practically have to suspend disbelief in order to buy that people don't see her for who she is. Similarly, Naomi's skill and potential is obvious for all to see, but somehow she is consistently overlooked. While this gives her the valuable element of surprise, there's something maddening about feeling like you see something no one else does.

10. Lana and Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones


Who is she?: Lana is a loud and proud Russian, playing into the most villainous, cold stereotypes the movies have taught you to expect. She is ambitious and cruel, making the rare in-ring appearance but preferring to run the show from the sidelines, guiding the Bulgarian Brute Rusev to glory. Sure, she had a brief detour on the side of the good guys, but that always felt like a carefully constructed disguise. When she swiftly reassumed her characteristic Ice Queen persona, it felt a little like coming home.

How does she compare?: The Ice Queen/Lion Queen comparisons are obvious, but there's more similarities between Lana and Cersei than first meet the eye. Both of their positions have been gained through their connections to powerful men, but they've had to fight tooth and nail to stay there, often outmaneuvering the men in order to do so. You get the sense that, if given free rein, Lana and Cersei would run the whole show. Certain recent events have allowed Cersei to actually do that, but don't hold Lana's inaction against her: she doesn't have the same "explosive" tools at her disposal.

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