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    You Have To See Nicole Scherzinger's Incredible Britney Spears Impression

    Is Nicole...Britney?

    This is Britney Spears, who has been a judge on X Factor.


    And this is Nicole Scherzinger, who has been and is currently a judge on X Factor UK.


    But when Simon Cowell asked Nicole to do an impression, she pulled out a Britney that is so realistic it will make you wonder...

    View this video on YouTube / Via FOX

    ...Is Nicole...channeling Britney? Somehow? / Via FOX

    Like, look at the PURE JOY on Simon's face. / Via FOX

    It's a look that can only come when you realize, "OMG, this might be Nicole's body"...? / Via FOX

    Look, I'm not suggesting that Nicole temporarily stole Britney's voice, but what I'm suggesting is...yes, maybe she did.


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