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    Posted on Jan 29, 2015

    World's Most Awesome Hotel Will Bring You Complimentary Nicolas Cage Pics

    Hotels everywhere need to step up their Nic Cage game. (h/t this Imgur user)

    At a San Antonio hotel, a concierge was given this challenge by a guest: to bring up a Nic Cage photo from Con Air by 6 p.m.

    Thankfully Ramon the concierge obliged, and left the framed photo waiting on the bed.

    Is there anything else you'd rather go to bed with, really?

    When a second request was made for more Nic Cage, (because duh), it wasn't clear if the concierge would pull through...

    Better a late Nic Cage than no Nic Cage, amiright?!

    The game continued, and the hotel provided a photo of The Cage in 8MM...

    And one final, beautiful gesture before the hotel guest completed their stay.

    Nic Cage said farewell with, "Hope you enjoyed your stay with us! It was truly a pleasure! — Hotel San Antonio Indigo Team"

    Thanks to this awesome Imgur user for sharing the best hotel experience ever!

    Touchstone Pictures

    And I guess we're all going to San Antonio now!

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