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Why It's Time To Stop Watching "The Walking Dead"

"Too Far Gone" was just that terrible. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

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Just in case you thought it all was a bad dream... It wasn't. The mid-season finale we saw last night was real. Real bad.

OK, so, COMPLETELY NEW PLOT TWIST*: The Governor wants to take the prison. (!!!)


*Just kidding, because this plot twist happened last season. And for some unfathomable reason, it's happening again.

In fact, a lot of this episode was repetitive. And a lot of Season 4 has been too. It's all been going in circles around the prison, with the occasional zombie and/or Governor attack thrown in.

Then there was a super important plot point about making a mud pie with this kid.


The kid, to be clear, is his girlfriend's child who he now likes to pretend is a replacement for the daughter he lost. My questions: Isn't this kid a little old to be playing in the mud? And why is she so very terrible at it?


Tyreese, still trying to figure out who killed his woman, brought Daryl and Rick to see this dead bunny corpse.


And then there was no discussion about it after, because LOL continuity no longer matters in the zombie apocalypse.

Then The Governor really rolls up on the prison, and reveals that he has Herschel and Michonne as hostages.


Hmmm... The Governor has kidnapped someone from the prison for leverage... Why does that sound so very familiar? Oh, right...


That's because, again, it already happened in Season 3.

Remember the first time that The Governor wanted to take over the prison, and how he brought his camp with him? Yes, it's happening again.

And how come Rick NEVER gets a new shirt, but Patchy The Gov has all these cool leather options?


Especially when they remember that Judith is a thing, and she is now dead.


RIP Judith. Or maybe you're not actually dead, since none of it's shown... Who knows, and who cares, really!

Oh, and if you don't remember who Judith is, you're not alone. She was that baby that Lori had and then everyone proceeded to mostly ignore.

Oh, and Rick drags Carl off into the woods and away from the group... He's named Dad of The Year.


So, Carl and Rick on the run. All of their friends heading into the sunset on a bus... Where the hell can The Walking Dead go from here?

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