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    What Women Think About Going To The Gynecologist

    It's not all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows!

    You realize it's time for your yearly checkup.

    And it's more annoying than anything else, but you're just like...


    Then the day of the appointment comes.

    And when you finally get into the room, they give you a sheet of paper to wear as a dress.

    Then you sit, wearing your sheet, and wait. And wait. And keep waiting.

    Until the doctor finally shows up.

    And you kind of wish you were back to waiting.

    Because then they pull out the speculum.

    And it's just like...

    But more than anything, you want the doctor to know...

    So, the doctor tries to make small talk and asks you how many partners you've had in the past year.

    But when you answer honestly...

    They seem to judge you.

    Understandably, you might get defensive.

    In the end, though, you pull your pants back on and calm down.

    That is, until they say they'll call with the results of your pap smear.

    So, you wait for the phone to ring.

    And you call in some favors.

    Until the doctor calls with the good news.

    And you celebrate with a dance.

    Bidding farewell to this whole, awful experience.

    Until next year...