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14 Vintage Locket Details That Are Utterly Delightful

Aside from the fact that you can hide small treasures in them, of course.

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1. The shape of this brass ball locket that opens so you can store secret messages to a special someone.

Or you can put a small pressed flower in lieu of words. Buy it for $24 here.

2. The non-working Swiss watch interior on the front of this antiqued brass locket.

And you can store a photo or note inside! Buy it here.

3. The delicate gold curls surrounding the sapphire and ruby in this 1940s pendant locket.

One side is a ruby, the other a sapphire, surrounded by 14k gold curls. There's space inside the locket to store a photo, note, or even a snip of hair! Buy it here.

4. The way these two front hinge panels pop open to reveal a picture window.

Buy it here.

5. The moveable fish head paired with a hinge that opens to reveal solid perfume.

You can also have the perfume removed, if that's not your locket scene!

6. The small bee imprint inside this 1874 snowflake locket.

Buy it for $140 here.

7. The way the pearl on this Victorian locket is set in the middle of an ornate flower.

Buy it here.

8. The detailing of the "B" monogram on the back of this 100-year-old fleur-de-lis locket.

The fleur-de-lis symbolizes hope, and is set with crystal beads and a center diamond. Buy it here.

9. The delicate dangling beads hanging off of this former Estee Lauder perfume locket.

The inside is now hollowed out, and can be filled with whatever unique treasure you like.

10. How this blue Aquarius locket opens at the top, like a pocket watch.

Buy it here.

11. The delicate side hinges on the 1970s book locket.

Buy it for your favorite book nerd here.

12. The geometric details on this Art Deco locket.

Circa the 1930s, and yours here.

Circa the 1930s, and yours here.

13. How the lapis lazuli beads on the gold chain match the bead on the locket.

This piece is from the 1850s, and you can own it.

14. And the oh-so-subtle heart on top of this gold spoon locket.

When the locket opens, there are two spots for a small photo or keepsake.

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