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27 Underrated Things About Being In Your Thirties

Basically, your twenties are a nightmare, and your thirties are the gift that keeps on giving.

1. You don't put up with other people's bullshit anymore.

2. When something bad happens, you don't dwell on it.

3. Chances are that you're making more money now.

4. Which means you can afford actual furniture that's not from Ikea.

5. You know how to make at least one dish really, REALLY well.

6. You've figured out what your personal style is.

7. And your style has definitely upgraded since your twenties.

8. You give zero fucks, so you dance however you want!


10. At work, you're not some assistant bitch anymore, you're a BOSS.

11. Fuck Solo cups, you drink wine from mason jars and wine glasses, LIKE A BOSS.

12. Any dating you do is less messy, because you know what you want and you demand it.

13. And you wind up in much healthier relationships.

14. Did I mention that sex is wayyy better than it was in your twenties?

15. All of your friends are getting married, which means you have a great excuse to get drunk.

16. You get along with your parents, because you've stopped asking them to pay for everything.

17. You've found a group of friends who are the most amazing people you've ever met.

18. Because you're not afraid to let go of the friends who aren't good for you.

19. You're so much more comfortable in your own skin.

20. And you actually give a shit about your fitness now.

21. Let's be honest: You're just way hotter in your thirties because of all that confidence.

22. You don't feel pressured to cling to those last stages of cool, like you did in your twenties.

23. And now that you're in your thirties, you get to laugh at the idiots in their twenties who still do.

24. You're no longer afraid of change...

25. Because you know that "change" is just another way of saying "upgrade."

26. And even though hitting your thirties was kinda scary, it's actually pretty great.

27. Because being 30 means you're a fucking survivor: You made it through the horror of your twenties!