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19 Undeniable Truths About Getting Engaged

"When's the date?!" —Everyone you meet from here on out.

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1. In the moment, you'll be 100% surprised, even if you did have an inkling it was coming.

There's just no real way to predict the moment when they'll do it, but when they do, you'll be totally overwhelmed by feelings you didn't even know you had. ENJOY IT!

2. Getting proposed to is a little bit awkward.


I don't know why more people don't talk about this, but proposals are a little weird. Like...what do we do now?! Can I say fiancé? Whom do I call first? Ah!

Also: You will put your hands to your face, no matter what.


7. Immediately after you tell people, the first question they ask will likely be, "So, when's the date?"


IDK about the date, but I do know that now I'm worried about picking one. ::: heavy breathing :::

8. Being engaged will ultimately go down as the time in your life when you had the most champagne.

People just give it to you. As a gift. It's delightful! Champagne all day, err day.


9. Saying the word "fiancé" for the first time will feel like the weirdest thing ever.


It's not even a word you get to keep, but it's a word you have to remember to say in the interim between dating and marriage. It's weird.

11. There are so many microscopic decisions to make that you'll probably need some spreadsheet assistance.

Google docs is your friend!

12. And people will tell you their opinions on those decisions, even if you didn't ask for them.


Oh, OK, you think six bridesmaids is too many? Cool, I'll put that on my list of things to forget forever.


13. People you barely know will want to hear "The Proposal Story." (I.e., "How did they do it?!)

Piece of Pie Productions

I think this is mainly because they feel obligated to ask, but it can be annoying nonetheless.

15. Eventually, you'll get The Proposal Story down to an exact science, and telling it will be super simple.

You'll know when to cue a joke, how long to talk about the proposal, and what parts you can skip. Master storytelling is now yours!


19. And you'll start really thinking about the fact that this is the person you'll be with for the rest of your life, and it will make you happier than you even knew you could feel.

Being engaged is really a magical time, so make sure to enjoy it! <3