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    18 Types Of Roommates You Should Never Become

    It's not too late to turn your life around, roomies! Looking at you, guy who never replaces the toilet paper.

    1. The super-needy roommate who is ALWAYS HOVERING.

    2. The roommate who sneaks into other people's rooms when they're not home.

    3. And proceeds to snoop through all of their stuff.

    4. The roommate who is all about the unnecessary PDA.

    5. The total weirdo who does really strange shit and leaves the evidence all over the house.

    6. All right, we can all agree this is fucking weird, right?!

    7. The lush who drinks ANYTHING, even if it's not theirs.

    8. The roommate who never, ever cleans.


    10. The roommate who hacks into someone else's Twitter when they're most vulnerable.

    11. The roommate who never replaces the toilet paper roll EVER.

    12. Or constantly "forgets" to buy TP, for that matter.

    13. The creepy roommate who doesn't know what the word "boundaries" even means.

    14. And thinks a roommate should double as a girlfriend.

    15. The troll roommate who has way too much time on their hands.

    16. The passive-aggressive roommate.

    17. Passive-aggressive note writers, in general.

    18. And the worst roommate of all: the fatty who eats everyone's delicious food without shame.