19 Realities All Women With Big Boobs Know To Be True

“Wanna hear a joke? Strapless bra.”

2. This is the best feeling in the world:

3. You’re always shunned by button-ups:

4. Never fitting into dainty lace numbers:

5. And having very limited options in general:

6. Never being able to turn over:

7. And never knowing the beauty of a strapless bra:

8. What happens whenever you eat:

9. Needing a sports bra, but also not physically being able to wear one:

10. Then having this happen anyway:

11. Knowing that not wearing a bra is NOT an option:

12. Because when you don’t wear a bra, it’s a real problem:

13. When one of your ladies goes rogue:

14. Never having a comfortable place to rest your seatbelt:

15. The struggle of always losing weight in your boobs first:

16. Having to get all your clothes tailored if you actually want them to fit:

17. Losing long necklaces to your own cleavage:

19. And the real love-hate relationship you always have with your bra:

I need you to live, bra, but also could you not?

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