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21 Truths All Women Will Understand

"Is it time to take my bra off yet?" — you rn

1. The first thing you do when you get home:

2. The problem with pants, in general:

3. When you thought you *almost* had it all:

4. When this terrible mistake happens:

5. Trying to avoid bleeding to death:

6. Using your boobs to your advantage:

7. And then promptly having to do a search and rescue:

8. After the gym:

9. When you're surrounded by idiots:

10. The hair dent:

11. Hovering like your life depends on it:

12. What happens every single month:

13. The struggle:

14. And this unfortunate reality:

15. When this sin happens:

16. When you think your makeup will come off in the shower:

17. When you need to eat all the things:

18. The real reason to stop dieting:

19. When someone tells you to "calm down":

20. That moment when you meet a man who gets it:

21. And knowing that your most important asset is up here ::: points to brain :::