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15 Truths All Feminists Will Understand

"Lady problems? Oh yes, I know what the wage gap is." — you rn

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1. Lady problems:

2. Not being able to simply keep quiet when you hear something idiotic:

Twitter: @mubnii / Via Michael Jacobs Productions

3. What you say vs. what other people hear:

4. This unfortunate surprise:

5. When you find someone who actually gets it:

6. When you start to question the choices you've made: / Via Fox

7. The fact that we get "equal pay" now: / Via NBC

8. The damn truth about people who aren't feminist:

9. The thing that happens when you're totally killing it: / Via Fox

10. When your feminist awakening happens and you can't interact with the world in the same way anymore:

11. This truth:

12. What you wish people would start understanding:

13. When Netflix or Pandora gives you suggestions that make you question everything:

14. When you have one of those days...

Twitter: @Natty_Brooke / Via Pixar Animation Studios

15. And when you have to decide which badass woman you should emulate:

Too many to count. / Via Comedy Central

Too many to count.

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