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    Traveling "Game Of Thrones" Exhibit Coming To A City Near You

    Get ready to see the Iron Throne, Joffrey's crossbow, Renly's crown, and other Seven Kingdoms goodies.

    The trouble with the Iron Throne is that it's just so hard to match to the rest of your décor. And it has all of those sharp spikes on the back, like a death trap. Yes, it means you get to reign over the Seven Kingdoms, but is throwing off your whole shabby chic motif really worth it?

    OK, probably, but totally not necessary now that HBO has announced a traveling Game of Thrones exhibit complete with costumes, props, weapons, jewels, and an exact replica of the Iron Throne. That way, you can take your photo and save yourself the time of lugging it up all those stairs. Win, win, right?

    Below are just a few of the items that will be on display, and make sure to visit the HBO website for deets on event locations and ticket sales!

    Behold Renly Baratheon's thorny crown.

    Poor Renly won't need it anymore, though. :(

    Then there's little King Joffrey's crossbow...

    ...which is terrifying.

    And here's the uniform that Jon Snow wears as part of the Night's Watch.

    Which they fetched out of Cher's closet, judging by all that fringe and fur.

    Hello, you sexy bastard.

    Remember this terrifying suit of armor? You should, because it belongs to...

    Incest-lover and killer of happiness, Jaime Lannister.

    And before this red and gold gown goes on Cersei Lannister, it gets a once over from Michele Clapton, a costume designer for the series.

    Winter may be coming, but Cersei looks ready, no?

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