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    26 Beautiful Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint

    It's basically like your own damn art canvas at all times.

    And in case you aren't familiar with chalkboard paint: It's a paint that you can draw on, and even make your own in various colors! It's pretty much a gift to interior design, and super fun to DIY.

    1. When chalkboard paint met these empty bottles and turned them into something magical.

    Perfect for table accents and even wedding decor, buy them here or make your own!

    2. When this wine glass got a pretty stellar label.

    Hi, I'm Jessica, don't touch my drank.

    3. OK, summer lemonade just got way cuter.

    4. OMG, seriously, this is the only way to store food.

    And putting the prep directions on the lid!? Perfection.

    5. When this boring filing cabinet was able to double as an epic to-do list.

    Tomorrow: paint filing cabinet and find true happiness.

    6. When this table place card got an upgrade.

    7. Basically this is the best thing to bring to a potluck ever.

    Note to self: paint hideous crockpot ASAP.

    8. When this recipe box was transformed into an herb box.

    So cute. So fresh. So perfect for pasta.

    9. Or, better yet, just paint the pots.

    10. When someone's office become exponentially cooler because of the chalkboard accent.

    11. Can't you just imagine these on your table and setting a glass of whiskey on them?!

    12. No more buying frames, just draw them on!

    Or umbrellas, for that matter.

    13. Oh, and forget an expensive headboard: time to draw your dreams and then sleep right under them.

    14. But if a headboard is key, you might as well coat it with chalkboard paint.

    15. When this medicine cabinet made someone's morning brighter.

    16. When this fridge became a work of art AND a purveyor of snacks.

    17. Clipboards are so boring, BUT NOT ANYMORE.


    18. Welcome to the best beer tap handle ever.

    And bonus points: every time you change brews, you just wipe off the writing and add something new!


    20. How about the time when someone painted this wall mounted bottle opener and made their guests feel special?!

    21. Or when someone gave the gift of wine in a totally customizable bag!

    22. Globes are great, especially when you can write whatever you want on them.

    Chalkboard Paint + Globes = Fun For All

    23. Know what's even hotter than a lit candle? Chalkboard paint candle holders, that's what.

    24. A table runner that doubles as a menu at fancy dinner parties?! YES, ALL OF THE YES.

    25. When this decorative skull learned how to speak.

    26. And finally, when delicious cookies were protected by the cutest chalkboard paint cover ever.

    Thank you cover, you're doing God's work and beautifully so.