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    This Woman Is The Greatest "The Price Is Right" Contestant Ever

    Aliaya and her wig need to be on every TV show right now.

    Monday morning, something truly magical happened on The Price Is Right...

    CBS / Via

    We got to meet Aliaya, the greatest contestant to ever be called up to the stage.

    CBS / Via

    That's because when she got onstage, she was so excited that she actually took off her wig before hugging Drew Carey.

    CBS / Via

    And then expertly put it back on...

    CBS / Via

    Just in time to play Grand Game, like a boss.


    Hi. I love you. Will you marry me?


    I'll be a good wife, you'll see, just say, "Yes!"

    To see if Aliaya won more than just my heart, watch the full video below.

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