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This Video Of An Easter Basket Being Crushed Is Oddly Mesmerizing

Crush the chocolate bunny again, tho.

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The Hydraulic Press Channel (which is exactly what it sounds like) uploaded this rather hypnotizing video of crushing an Easter basket that is too good to not watch.

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On the table we see: A) Kinder chocolate egg, B) Easter basket with four eggs, and C) Chocolate bunny.

The basket is the first thing to go, and just LOOK at those eggs exploding. Smooshhhh.

Kind of strangely beautiful, right?

Up next comes the chocolate bunny, which is flattened and leaves behind a truly delightful tin-foil image.

Look at how the chocolate spreads into the egg too. 😍

And last, but not least, is the Kinder egg, which crumbles apart and gets smashed in the most elegant of ways.

Crushhhhhed. Everything is flat and nothing hurts.

Come on, smashing Easter candy is fun.

Smashing the Easter candy with your teeth also counts, coincidentally.

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