Here's What Happens When Adults Try To Guess The Ingredients For A Margarita

    It's not as easy as one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

    In honor of summer, Cinco de Mayo, and our love of guacamole, some brave BuzzFeed writers decided to set the bar high with a margarita challenge. Margaritas, as we all know, are the nectar of the gods, and just taste really fucking good with chips.

    But what is IN a margarita, exactly? Some lime? Salt? Magic? It's all unclear, especially after you've had a pitcher of the stuff. So we decided to find out if it's possible to make a margarita that tastes good without using any specific recipe. Here's what happened...


    Once the 10 minute timer started, our contestants scrambled to choose just the right fixings for their signature drinks.

    Contestant A, aka Triple Sec-sy/Sexy Stryker, judged his creation by taste-testing multiple times throughout those 10 minutes.

    Contestant A kept his marg classy with the following ingredients:

    Contestant B, code name "Salt Rim Ari," started off her marg adventure with a lot of tequila, a salted rim, and hand squeezing fresh lime and grapefruit.

    Contestant B made her margarita with...

    Contestant C, marg nickname "Lara, Mother of Dragons, Maker of Luscious Lime Drinks," took a moment to consider whether or not to proceed with the Sour Punch Straw. In the end, she did.

    For Contestant C's margarita, she used...

    Similar to Contestant C, Contestant D (aka "Margaritas are overrated...whatever") continued the trend of using sour gummy candies to enhance his margarita masterwork.

    Contestant D's ultimate margarita ingredients:

    Last but not least was Contestant E, (aka "The Girl Who Made One of These Margaritas") who as you can see, was all about those fresh squeezed limes.

    Contestant E used the following to concoct her ultimate marg:

    When time was called it was HANDS UP, MARGARITAS DOWN.

    Some of the contestants had finished, while others were still in the midst of mixing. But life isn't fair, and 10 minutes is a fickle beast.

    All of the margaritas were finished and lined up...

    Finally ready for judgment.

    The ruling for Contestant A:

    Final ruling for Contestant B:

    Ruling for Contestant C:

    Final ruling for Contestant D:

    Comments from the judges:


    •“Mango. I like this one! The Twizzler is a fun touch.”

    •“Wouldn’t drink more than one of these. Sorry.”

    •“My dark horse favorite so far! I will admit, I didn’t like the look of you.”


    Final Score (out of a possible 50 points): 25

    Final ruling for Contestant E:

    THE WINNER of the ultimate margarita challenge is Contestant B, "Salt Rim Ari!"