This Easy Pizza Quesadilla Recipe Will Change Your Life

It’s not delivery, it’s a PEPPERONI PIZZA QUESADILLA. Thanks to Serious Eats for the best gift ever.

1. This is a pizza, but it’s not just ANY pizza, because it’s a quesadilla that is FILLED with cheese and sauce, then topped with MORE cheese and sauce.

Not to mention pepperoni.

2. To make this delightful concoction, Serious Eats explained that you first need to put a tortilla in a skillet, cover it with sauce and cheese, then cover that with another tortilla.

3. Cook the quesadilla evenly on both sides for a few minutes.

This will take some flipping skills, but I believe in you.

4. Cook it until it looks golden (aka like the photo below).

5. Then cover the top of one side with more sauce, cheese, and whatever additional toppings will make your heart sing.

6. Place the skillet under the broiler and broil it until the cheese melts and your toppings whisper, “It’s time,” to you.

It should look vaguely like the above photo.

7. Once the pizza quesadilla cools off, it’s time to weep tears of joy…

8. … Because you’re about to take a little bite of heaven, and it’s going to feel so impossibly good.


BRB, eating.


Serious Eats was crowned “Best In Pizza.” An earlier version of this post incorrectly cited the source for this recipe and photos. Sorry about that, and thanks, Serious Eats!

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