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    This Chewbacca Cake For A 3-Year-Old Girl Is Too Cute

    ::: unintelligible roar :::

    This is Sophie, and for her third birthday she wanted a Star Wars-themed party.

    So her dad bought a Chewbacca doll in the hopes that he could use it for a cake.

    Clearly Sophie's a huge fan, I mean, check out her birthday dress.

    Too cool. Too cute. Too much to handle.

    In the end, a family friend offered to help transform Chewbacca into the perfect cake for Sophie's birthday.

    The embellishments on Chewie's gown are really to RAWR for.

    And look who happens to be in the background, jealous as heck that he wasn't transformed into a cake.

    Cues ::: dum dum dum duh duh dum duh duh dum :::: music

    This birthday cake is DEFINITELY Chewie approved.


    ::: RAWRS in excitement :::

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