Luke Casey Is The Australian Model You Need In Your Life

    Exhale and take in a deep breath of dem abs.

    1. Everyone, this is Luke Casey. Luke, this is everyone!

    2. Luke is 20-years-old, lives in Sydney, and because the world is good, he's both a male model AND an aspiring rugby player.

    3. See? Here he is, holding a ball and more importantly: those thighs.

    4. Luke takes a lot of great shirtless pics.

    5. Like, really pretty great.

    6. And sometimes he gives us a little bit more, which is EXTREMELY appreciated.

    7. He has a really cute dog that's literally spooned by him all the time.

    8. In my next life, let me come back as this dog, please.

    9. And he likes to workout, then share photos of how he gets those ~guns~.

    10. It's a hard job, being hot, a male model, and training for rugby, which is why he likes to cool off in the hot tub with his other beautiful friends.

    11. Or, on occasion, cool down with a nice bucket of ice over his head.

    12. So, yes, it's an understatement to say that Luke's Instagram is extremely important.

    13. Keep doing god's work, Luke! We're all here for you and those #shirtlesspics.