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27 Things You Won't Regret When You're Older

Here's how to make the best of each and every day.

1. Turning off your phone when you're at a dinner.

2. Saying good-bye to a toxic friend.

ShondaLand / Via

There will be a friend who brings you down — maybe they're jealous, or just cruel — either way, you'll wonder why you didn't ditch them sooner. Bye, Felicia!

3. Waking up early and getting shit done.

4. Saying no to plans when you're totally overwhelmed.

HBO / Via

In the words of Donna from Parks and Recreation: Treat yo' self. Listen to your body when it's asking for R&R, take time to recharge, and then you'll be 100% the next time plans arise.

5. Trusting your initial instincts when considering a job opportunity.

AMC / Via

If you're going through the interview process and at any point have a bad feeling, trust that instinct and run like hell. Not everyone can afford to be picky, but at some point, hopefully you will.

6. Embracing each day for exactly what it is: a NEW day.

Don't dwell on things you did the day before, or fixate on regrets, just try and start each day as a new opportunity. And who knows, today could be your LUCKY day!

7. Not going to your high school reunion.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

Unless you had the very best time in high school, don't bother. You'll keep in touch with the people who mattered, and you won't with the ones who didn't. No awkward dance party will change that.

8. Telling your family how much they mean to you as often as you can.

9. Taking photos at family gatherings and holidays.

10. Keeping a photo album filled with your favorite moments.

11. Making your own friend family.

12. Asking for a raise.

13. Finishing what you started.

14. Taking advantage of all your vacation days and time off.

15. Maintaining the things you own.

16. Taking care of your skin.

17. Trying to make your corner of the world a better place.

18. Spending more money than you expected on a trip you'll remember for the rest of your life.

19. Standing up for yourself when you need to.


Haters gonna hate, and when someone has deeply hurt you, let them know. It can be kindly and firmly, but speaking your mind will make you feel stronger in the long run.

20. Expressing yourself creatively in some way.

21. Moving on from places or people who undermine your confidence. / Via MGM

First of all: Eff anyone who makes you feel like shit. If you're at a job or in a town that fills you with anxiety, it's time to take the steps toward moving on. Same goes for a person, whether it be a boss or someone you're dating.

22. Going on tons of adventures, big and small.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) / Via

Remember that time when you drove four hours to Big Bear? Or what about that Saturday when you went to the farmers' market and bought too much pasta? No? Start making memories, y'all.

23. Saving a little money for emergencies.

24. Deleting your Facebook account.

Trust me, you won't miss anything. At. All.

25. Celebrating the important moments in other people's lives.

Belisarius Productions / Via

Supporting your friends and being able to share their important life moments may seem like a small thing, but when your big life moments come, they'll be able to return the favor.

26. Making time every day for a relationship that means the world to you.

New Line Cinema / Via

Talking about love, folks. Take a little time each day to do something just for your S.O., even if it's simply pouring them wine when they get home.

27. Every moment you laugh with your best friend.

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