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22 Things You Actually Want Your Significant Other To Say

I filled your car up with gas, which officially makes me the best S.O. ever.

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1. "Don't worry about dinner, I already ordered us pizza."

2. "I'm taking us on an all-expenses-paid vacation, and you don't have to wear pants during any part of it."

3. "I remembered to flush the toilet!"

Or, "I put the lid down this time!"

Or, "I put the lid down this time!"

4. "I want to listen to your music the entire road trip, sweetie."

5. "For our anniversary, I thought we could watch whatever you want on Netflix, if that's cool?"

6. "Why don't I give you a back massage?"


7. "Let's blow off spending the holidays with our parents, and go to the Bahamas instead."

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8. "How about we drink a bottle of wine tonight and eat a shitload of candy?"


9. "I cleaned the house."

Blue Wolf

10. "I already bought the movie tickets, don't worry."

11. "Let's order dessert!"

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12. "I replaced the toilet paper roll!"

13. "I picked up the dry cleaning."

14. "Here's a bouquet of your favorite flowers for absolutely no reason."

FOX/"Glee" / Via

15. "I'm cooking, you go sit down and relax."

16. "I filled your car up with gas."

17. "Don't worry, I'll drive us."

18. "You were right about [insert terrible thing in their closet]. I threw it away."

"101 Dalmations"/Walt Disney Pictures / Via

19. "Your friends are so awesome. We should hang out with them more!"

"How I Met Your Mother" / CBS / Via

20. "Let's just stay in bed."

21. "I'll do whatever, as long as I'm hanging out with you."

"Saturday Night Live" / NBC / Via

22. "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me."

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