22 Things That Happen When Your Parents Don't Understand Your Job

    "So, you work on the internet... how?"

    1. They ask LOTS of questions about your job, but you know they still don't understand what you do for work.

    2. They'll mispronounce the name of your company in new and exciting ways each time they say it.

    3. Because they aren't sure what you do all day, they end up doling out super generic career advice.

    4. Or giving you "great" ideas to use for your job.

    5. They get an extreme sense of pride when they figure out how to google your job.

    6. When you try to explain EXACTLY what it is you do, their eyes immediately glaze over.

    7. So you've resorted to using visual aids to try to explain your job...

    8. ... But no matter how much you explain it, they're still inevitably confused.

    9. When you meet your parents' friends, you end up explaining your job in the simplest terms you possibly can.

    10. Since you have a cool, "unique" job, they start to think they're totally cool by association.

    11. And they'll start slinging around "cool" lingo to try to relate more to you.

    12. Your parents assume that because your job doesn't sound like any job they know, this is just a "temporary gig."

    13. "So, have you thought about grad school?" is a question you've been asked.

    14. They worry about you making money, because they assume you make fake money at your seemingly fake job.

    15. And they've definitely made fun of your job, because they can.

    16. You've hidden the fact that you're super excited about something work related, because you don't want to go into explanation mode.

    17. You hold your breath whenever someone asks your parents what you do for a living.

    18. If you work from home, they assume you're doing nothing at all and interrupt you all the time.

    19. Your parents tell people you have a job that you really don't have.

    20. And the only time they get really excited is when you get a promotion or more money.

    21. They assume that since you have a "hip" and "weird" job, that you'll know how to fix everything they don't understand.

    22. And that rare moment when they stop asking questions, and accept that you have a job they'll never understand.