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    17 Things People On A Diet Are Tired Of Hearing

    Yes, I'm hungry. IMMAEATCHUUU.

    1. "Are you hungry?"

    2. "You don't need to diet, you look awesome."

    3. "Have you tried [insert other diet here]?"

    4. "Are you totally miserable right now?"

    5. "It's all about portion control."

    6. "Have you tried working out?"

    7. "How's the diet going?"

    8. "Why are you doing this to yourself?"

    9. "Good for you."

    10. "Don't you miss food?"

    11. "Can you drink?"

    12. "You know 90% of people gain all the weight back after three months right?"

    13. "But I made this cake. You can have A LITTLE cake."

    14. "Is there anything you can eat there?"

    15. "You should read that New York Times article about dieting..."

    16. "I'm lucky, I never gain weight!"

    17. "Dieting never works."