31 Things Only People From A Small Town Will Understand

Everyone knows what you’re doing before you even do it.

1. There are things about small towns you won’t see anywhere else, and it’s truly magnificent.

2. When a chain restaurant opens it’s actually really exciting.

3. People in small towns don’t put up with any bullshit.

4. And they are not afraid to put your bullshit on display for other people to make fun of.

5. The best kind of politics are small town politics.

Because at least the politicians aren’t afraid to hide their true selves.

6. No one’s going to judge what kind of car you have…

7. And they’ll always embrace your alternative forms of transportation.

8. Small town values are very real, and people aren’t afraid to tell you about them.

9. Everyone knows everyone else’s business, and you will not get away with any bad behavior.

So, you want to TP the neighbor’s house? Good luck, everyone will be watching you do it, and then call your parents as it’s happening.

10. And because everyone is up in the town’s business, it tends to be a super safe place.

Like, the kind of place where you can bike to school and not worry about anyone stealing it.

11. It’s so safe that big news like this makes the paper:

12. Sometimes you get so bored that it makes you want to scream.

13. But when you find some unexpected adventure, it feels like you’ve just won the damn lottery.

14. The rules of etiquette don’t always apply in a small town, and that’s kind of awesome.

15. Going out on the cheap is super easy.

16. Trying to date can sometimes feel hopeless, since everyone at the bars went to high school with you.

17. Fresh food is abundant, because it’s probably in your backyard.

18. Since you’re living in the middle of nowhere, you tend to be a lot closer to nature.

19. People in small town’s watch out for each other.

20. And they tend to be scary nice without asking for anything in return.

21. Everyone shows up for local parades, and float planning can be filled with LOTS of small town drama.

Oh, you think your homage to roses should be the grand finale? Think again.

22. Friday nights are all about high school sports, whether you like it or not.

23. Getting a driver’s license is the most exciting thing in the world, because then there’s the hope of road trips.

Or at least being able to drive to the movies. Or to a friend’s house. Or just drive around and listen to music, which is also awesome.

24. Small acts of rebellion feel extremely satisfying.

25. And because it’s a small town, most people have a sense of humor about it.

26. The school fair was a huge social event.

27. And the county fair was so beautiful it made you weep with happiness.

28. When people in a big city complain about anything, it sounds insane to you.

29. Sometimes it feels like everyone expects you to follow a very traditional path after high school, which can be annoying.

30. And the idea of moving to a different city seems incredibly tempting.

31. Regardless, deep down you know that being from a small town is something to be proud of.

And you really, really are.

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