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21 Small Things Every Late Twentysomething Should Know

You don't have to attend all of the weddings you're invited to. You're free!

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1. You do not have to attend every wedding you're invited to: You can say no!

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If you don't know the bride or groom well, or haven't seen them in years, it's perfectly fine to say no to a plane ticket. They will understand! Seriously.

2. You do need to go out sometimes, but you are not automatically old and boring if you need to take time to recharge.

I say this as an avid and proud introvert: There's a lot of world to explore, and don't forget to go outside every now and then, if only for the great Instagrams (and fun times).

3. Date whoever you want, just aim for quality.

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Repeat after me: Assholes will always be assholes. Don't date them, don't think you can change them, don't even wink at them (well...OK), just RUN LIKE HELL.

4. If you aren't where you want to be in your career, there is still time. DO NOT PANIC!

It's easy to compare yourself to everyone around you. But when you do that, part of your soul bursts into rage flames and nothing good will come of it. Just know that you are still young, and you can still have AMAZING success, or even more success than you already have. Hell, Toni Morrison didn't publish a novel until she was 40.

5. But take steps to get to that dream career NOW. Don't wait.

If your dream is to become a writer, but you haven't written anything in months, (or ever), then it's time to spend an hour every day writing. The same goes for anything else: Make time to focus on what you want every. single. day. Even if it means waking up an hour earlier.

6. When it comes to clothes: Splurge on classic pieces that will last forever instead of the trendy ones. / Via Vogue

That mini dress from Nasty Gal is fucking cute. I get it. But when you have that little white coat with the cinched waist for years and years and people still compliment you, then you'll be Olivia Pope fierce.

7. Take care of your damn fitness.

Making time for yourself is not always easy, and making time to WORK OUT is even harder. But you'll feel stronger when you do — all those endorphins and shit. Plus, when you get older, you'll be the old hottie with a body.

8. Start a savings account, if you haven't already.

You're making your own money now. Building your life AND your future. So you need to start saving for it. Even if it's $10 a month, it all adds up.

9. Call your parents at least once a week.

Especially, ESPECIALLY, if you live in another state, and it's your only way to communicate outside of visiting during the holidays. Your parents raised you, fed you, made sure you didn't crack your head open, so call them. It's nice, AND now that you're grown, you can have real conversations.

10. Make one-on-one time for your close friends.

The older you get, and the more stressful your job is, it's often all too easy to skip a friend date in favor of DVR time. Or to bring your S.O. along on a friend date instead of just having friend one-on-one time. Don't do that, don't be that friend.

11. And let go of toxic friends, they are not worth it.

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If a friend is dragging you down in any way, don't let them. Cut them the fuck loose, before they make you feel like shit.

12. Ask for what you deserve in jobs, and be direct with your superiors.

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When it comes to work, being direct and upfront about your career goals will only help you. If you feel you're worth more money, say so. Worst case scenario is they say no, and life goes on. And if you want to move toward a position in the future, make that known so they can help you make the steps toward that.

13. Treat yourself every once in a while.

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A massage? Nice haircut? A little bubble bath while re-reading Harry Potter? Do it. TREAT. YO. SELF.

14. You will get hungover as fuck if you drink too much. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

Getting older is weird, in that tequila shots are not so much fun as they are a guaranteed recipe for barftown.

15. Take care of your skin. Seriously.

Wrinkles, people. And skin cancer. Neither of those are things you want, so wear sunscreen. Loads of it.

16. You will probably have an identity crisis, and that is OK.


Before you turn 30, it's like everything in your life seems wrong: Is this the job I really want? What about being a famous author, do I still have time? And should I be married by now? Maybe I'm going to be forever alone. HALP.

This will pass. You'll buy a Vitamix, or some other ridiculous "adult" thing, and you will figure your shit out. Everything will be OK.

17. You will see people younger than you who are more successful than you and it will hurt like a fucking bitch.

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But just know that is them, and you are you, and your time will fucking come.

18. Pick up a new hobby or try something you've never done before.

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This is a good thing to keep in mind, because a) you'll join a group of like-minded people and make friends you can share interests with, and b) just because you're out of school doesn't mean you should ever stop learning.

19. Your metabolism is going to change.

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So, ya know, maybe instead of eating a whole pizza, eat half, and then have a salad on the side. I know, this sucks. But life is a cruel witch, and that last button on your jeans NEEDS TO CLOSE.

20. You don't have to settle just because all your friends are getting married.


I believe it's around 29 years old when you start to think, "Oh, shit. Why did I dump that asshole? Now I'll die alone."

The truth is, you'd just end up divorcing that asshole. So, if you haven't found your one and only lobster, that's OK. Wait for the real deal so it has a better chance of lasting a lifetime.

21. Above all else: Always be true to yourself, and fuck anyone who can't handle it.

Because being in your late twenties means that you know who you are and you shouldn't change that for anyone.

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