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26 Most Underrated Parts Of Being A Girly Girl

Being girly doesn't mean you don't kick butt.

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5. The only "problem" with makeup is that you want to try them all.

Sephora is where your paycheck goes. That's just how it is.


9. Selfies are an art, and haters gonna hate.

You look damn fierce while doing it doe.

10. You're totally secure in your love of all things pink.

12. You're not afraid of getting glammed up to go to the gym...

14. When it comes to hair: The bigger it is the closer to Beyoncé's fierceness you get.

Except when you eventually need to go to bed and have to sleep face down because your bouffant makes it impossible to do anything else.


16. Your signature pose is strong and uniquely you. Plus, it flaunts the best parts of yourself.

20. The importance of not sneezing while applying mascara.

21. Or watching anything sad without applying the waterproof first.

23. The struggle of getting a super cute mani, and then not being able to type anything on your iPhone by yourself.

Here's a tip: Try using your knuckles, sometimes it works!

24. Or, nail forbid, you break or smudge one and then the world implodes on itself.
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