These Photos Of Norman Reedus With His Black Cat Are Badass

    The Walking Dead star has an adorable furry companion to keep him warm when the zombie apocalypse comes.

    This is Norman Reedus, and his little ass kicker, Eye In The Dark.

    Sometimes Norman and Eye In The Dark pose for selfies.

    Other times EITD gets totally owned by a pair of bunny ears, and it's magnificent.

    Either way, EITD laughs it off, because she's used to Norman's badass ways.

    Sometimes, Norman hangs out with other animals, like this stud.

    This classy guy.

    And this adorable little minx.

    And that's totally fine, because Eye In The Dark knows that at the end of the day, Norman always comes back.

    They've been together a long time, after all...

    Since before Eye In The Dark grew too big to perch on his shoulder.

    But no matter how big Eye In The Dark grows up to be — probably a pretty big badass — he'll never be too big for a little Norm love.

    Or totally chill hangouts with his BFF.

    And besides, who could resist a face LIKE THIS?!

    Norman's love for Eye In The Dark has even inspired him to dress like his BFF.

    Hold and love other cats...

    And use his celebrity to promote great causes.

    Oh, and did I mention that Eye In The Dark even has a little stuffed animal in his likeness?

    Yeah, that's right, when the zombie apocalypse comes, it will be Norman and Eye in The Dark against the world!!!