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The Secret Names Of McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Will Blow Your Mind

Warning: Don't read this if you're not ready to have your chicken nugget perception changed forever.

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What is it about McDonald's Chicken McNuggets that makes them so irresistible?

Is it their golden tan?

Or the way they light up a room with just one look?

Wait, I know: It's the shape. That luscious figure that never lets me down and remains a constant, no matter how old or fat I continue to get.

What is that remarkable shape called? Pear? Hourglass? Apple bottom?

Damn baby, damn.

Damn baby, damn.

Behold the real names of the four McDonald's nugget shapes:

Yup, those are the super scientific names McDonald's insiders use to describe your McNuggets. According to Business Insider, every piece of McDonald's chicken has to look as perfectly uniform as possible, all the way down to how it's shaped. Hence the names given to describe them: ball, boot, bell and bone.

Here's a fun game to play the next time you order that 20 pack: Count out how many boots, bells, bones, and balls you get.

Also, bonus points if you can get through the game without giggling.

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