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The 20 Most Epic TV Bromances Of All Time

When a bro loves a bro, it's a beautiful thing, bro.

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2. Troy and Abed

The show: Community

What makes their bromance strong: Troy started off as way too cool for community school, but thanks to his friendship with Abed, he learned to embrace his inner geek. In a lot of ways, their bromance will legit change you (to the geek side).

3. House and Wilson

The show: House

What makes their bromance strong: House has only one friend — aside from drugs — and that friend is Wilson. They're probably the two oddest ducks in the hospital, but no matter, they've got their bromance to keep them warm.

4. Hank and Charlie

The show: Californication

What makes their bromance strong: What started off as an agent-writer relationship has turned into much, much more. Hank is no saint, and neither is Charlie — especially after that whole video of him jerking off in the office thing leaked. But that's why these two are such bro-soul mates: They're both constantly getting into trouble, and they love each other for it.

5. Tyrion and Bronn

The show: Game of Thrones

What makes their bromance strong: Aside from their love of naked ladies and booze, Bronn totally stepped up to the plate to defend Tyrion's honor in a trial by combat. (Even if it was for money.) They have fun together, and that's something that's much needed in King's Landing.

6. Seinfeld and George

The show: Seinfeld

What makes their bromance strong: George loves Jerry so much that at one point he dated a lady-Jerry (i.e. a lady who looks so remarkably like Jerry that she must be dubbed "lady-Jerry"). That's a kind of affection that's borderline next level bromance, y'all.

7. Tracy Jordan and Kenneth

The Show: 30 Rock

What makes their bromance strong: What Tracy needs is someone who can anticipate his every whim — and there are many. He found that wonderful person in pig-farmer-turned-page: Kenneth.

8. Joey and Chandler

The show: Friends

What makes their bromance strong: It was a little sad when Monica came into Chandler's life, if only because she took the place that Joey previously filled. But these bros raised a duck together, and nothing can take that away.

9. Bret and Jemaine

The show: Flight of the Conchords

What makes their bromance strong: They say the New Zealanders who sing together, stay together. Or something. Either way, these two sing and daydream the shit out of life, and it's lovely.

10. Danny and Joey

The show: Full House

What makes their bromance strong: You know you really love someone when you're willing to move into their cramped San Francisco home with three daughters, an uncle named Jesse, and a golden retriever.

Did I mention that sometimes they like to cross-dress together?

11. J.D. and Turk

The show: Scrubs

What makes their bromance strong: These boys cuddled, danced, and eagle-flew their way to epic bromance stature. They're not just some of the greatest friends in TV history, they're pretty much boning (emotionally).

12. Felix and Oscar

The show: The Odd Couple

What makes their bromance strong: Somehow, despite the fact that Felix is type A and Oscar is type sloppy, these two Manhattan roommates manage to get along. (I use the words "get along" loosely, as they often fight about each other's habits, but in a hilariously redeeming way.)

13. Brian and Stewie

The show: Family Guy

What makes their bromance strong: These two are pretty much the odd couple, but in dog and baby form. Sometimes they try to kill each other, other times it's like they're dating, or something. But they always come crawling back for more (on all fours, no less).

14. Damon and Alaric

The show: The Vampire Diaries

What makes their bromance strong: Whiskey, mainly. No, but seriously, these guys were really great drinking buddies. And Alaric often gives stellar life wisdom on all things Elena.

15. Spock and Captain Kirk

The show: Star Trek

What makes their bromance strong: Sometimes bros don't need words. Instead, they speak through Vulcan salutes, longing looks, and the occasional bear hug. Such is the love between Spock and Kirk.

16. Scott and Stiles

The show: Teen Wolf

What makes their bromance strong: Before Scott became a hunk Alpha wolf, it was just him and Stiles: two outcasts. Now that Stiles has stuck by Scott's side, saved his life countless times, and nearly died along the way, they're pretty much brothers. Or as close to brothers as a wolf and human can be.

17. Dwight and Michael

The show: The Office

What makes their bromance strong: It's pretty clear to everyone that Michael has no idea what he's doing most of the time. But to Dwight, Michael is something like a demigod who he likes to watch sleep at night. Truly magical.

18. Castiel and Dean

The show: Supernatural

What makes their bromance strong: Fighting against the supernatural is not an easy task. And it's a good thing these bros have each other — after all, if not for Dean, who would've saved Castiel from Purgatory?

19. Seth and Ryan

The show: The O.C.

What makes their bromance strong: Seth was an only, dorky child. That is until his family took in troublemaker Ryan! Then he had a brother, someone to play video games with, and someone to help make him confident enough to woo the lovely Summer.

20. Bert and Ernie

The show: Sesame Street

What makes their bromance strong: Maybe it's their love of puns, sherbert, or rubber duckies. But these two have an undeniable chemistry. Of friendship. And probably something more, too.