The "Jurassic Park" Velociraptor Cage Is For Sale

I guess my boyfriend knows what to get me for Valentine’s Day now…

1. Remember the greatest film of all time ever, Jurassic Park? Of course you do, you’re a human, after all.

Universal Pictures

2. And remember how that Clever Girl was dropped off in a crate in the opening scene?

Universal Pictures

3. Well, the velociraptor crate from Jurassic Park is now for sale on eBay.

4. That’s right! For just $99,900.10, you can own the actual prop cage that was used in the movie.

It’s selling from a vendor called themeparkconnection in Los Angeles, and so far there’s been 153 bids placed.

5. Oh, and the cage also comes with a full-size velociraptor prop!

These items are only available for pickup, so you’ll need to get yourself a ticket to Los Angeles and rent a U-Haul. But who can put a price on a dino, really?

6. So you can pretend like you’re about to get eaten.

Universal Pictures / Via

7. Terrify all of your friends…

Universal Pictures

8. And yell this while re-enacting your favorite scene from the movie…

Universal Pictures

9. Basically, whoever ends up placing the winning bid needs to invite me over.

I’ll put on a velociraptor costume. IDGAF.

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