"The Great Gatsby" Films: Then And Now

    Has much, if anything, changed since 1974?

    The 2013 movie poster that reveals the film will be in 3D.

    The 1974 movie poster.

    Jay Gatsby now.

    Jay Gatsby then.

    Daisy Buchanan now.

    Daisy Buchanan then.

    Nick Carraway now.

    Nick Carraway then.

    Tom Buchanan now.

    Tom Buchanan then.

    The romance then.

    The romance now.

    The costumes now.

    The costumes then.

    The movie soundtrack now.

    The film's soundtrack then.

    Baz Luhrmann, the screenwriter (and director) now.

    Truman Capote, the screenwriter then.

    The cars now.

    The cars then.

    Gatsby's parties now.

    Gatsby's parties then.