The "Duck Dynasty" Drinking Game

Because drinking games are the redneck way. Just in time for the Season 4 finale, this Wednesday, Oct. 23, at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on A&E.

What You’ll Need:

• A pitcher of sweet tea with a few generous pours of vodka thrown in. (Si style.)
• A nondescript plastic cup, which you can’t put down under any circumstance. (Again, Si style.)
• A high tolerance for bearded men wearing camo.


1. To start: Everyone take a sip at these opening credits, because it’s the only time you’ll see the Robertson men this cleaned up.

You clean up nice, Duck Commanders. Real nice.

2. If Phil busts out one of his Philosophies, take a sip in honor of that wisdom.

A&E / Via

3. If Miss Kay mentions sex, dating, or her milkshake, take two big gulps.

A&E / Via

4. Whenever Si says, “Jack,” you say, “That’s a fact!” and take a sip.

A&E / Via

You’ll hear it at least once. That’s a fact, Jack!

5. Whenever Jase Robertson gives someone this dubious look, shoot him one right back.

A&E / Via

6. If Phil says the below, the last person to shout, “HAPPY!” has to take a big gulp.

7. Fill up your plastic cup if Si attempts to make any pop culture references.

8. If there’s any pure beard porn, finish your drink.

A&E / Via

9. If anyone asks Si to put on clothes, undo one of your own buttons in solidarity.

10. Whenever someone mentions “the redneck way,” then swap cups with the person next to you.

It’s the redneck way.

11. If Sadie gets embarrassed at any point, drink until she stops blushing.

12. If Willie pulls out the overprotective Dad card, take a sip to wash down his judgment.">ABC/


13. If the Robertsons go hunting and get distracted, drink to show your approval.

A&E / Via

14. If Korie convinces Willie to do something he doesn’t want to, take two sips.

15. If there’s ever a point where the amount of camo on screen is disorienting, drink until you can make sense of it.

A&E / Via

16. And if anyone goes the extra mile and dresses up like a Robertson, call them “BOSS HOG” for the rest of the night.


Tune in to the Season 4 finale of Duck Dynasty on Wednesday, Oct. 23, at 10 p.m. ET on A&E!

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