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    Updated on Aug 21, 2020. Posted on Mar 26, 2013

    The 19 Oddest Things You'll Encounter While Traveling Through Europe As An American

    Get ready for weird signs, mutant Nutella, and bidets for days.

    19. Having a bidet in each and every bathroom.

    Good luck trying to not take an awesome photo with it.

    18. English translations that aren't really in english.

    17. Warning signs that make absolutely no sense.

    Channel your knowledge of James Bond films to decode it.

    16. Or a sign like this, which will make you question your life choices.

    15. Living out of a backpack and running out of clean underwear within a week.

    14. Vending machines that are filled with something called Kinder Surprise eggs.

    Side note: These chocolate delights are filled with toys. So, ya know, make sure to chew thoroughly before you choke to death.

    13. Leisurely meals that last hours, because people in Europe take their sweet foreign time.

    12. Mutant sized Nutella*.

    *Which might be less odd and more awesome, depending on your tolerance for sugar.

    11. A lack of abundant WiFi and general communication with the outside world.

    Good luck updating that Twitter status, friend.

    10. Trite photo opps that you'd usually laugh at, but instead partake heavily in, like this one.

    9. And this one.

    8. An insufficient amount of escalators, which means endless stairs that you'll painfully have to carry your bags up.

    7. Strapping all of your cash across your belly in a money belt, for fear of being robbed.

    Because no thieves in Europe would dare unbuckle it.

    6. Showers that always have something weird about them, like lack of a door, for example.

    Or lack of a fixture to hang the shower head, as another one.

    5. A converter adapter that looks like a monster from "Transformers," so you can plug that hairdryer into the wall.

    4. Guide books with translations that help you get laid.

    3. New and exciting flavors of chips that are impossible not to try.

    2. Public restrooms that are very much in public places.

    1. And sharing a hostel with someone who lets it all hang out.

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