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    26 Bold Cross Stitches You Need For Your Home

    Because home is where the fart is. <3

    1. This cozy welcome sign.

    2. A friendly reminder we could all use!

    3. Cool new ways to think about fruits and veggies.

    4. This gentle comment.

    5. This poetry for when you're feeling a little stressed.

    6. This circle of truth.

    7. The image of this friendly fellow.

    8. This loving message from Gretchen Wieners.

    9. And this pretty straightforward one.

    10. This festive seasonal greeting.

    11. This truly enchanting self-description.

    12. And this honest plea.

    13. This universally acknowledged truth.

    14. This fun cross stitch for animal lovers.

    15. This incredibly poignant title.

    16. This statement of fact.

    17. This mostly OK compliment.

    18. These friendly observations.

    19. The damn truth.

    20. This humble request.

    21. And this not-so-humble brag.

    22. For the outdoorsy type in us all.

    23. A message of hope.

    24. This simple note.

    25. This uncomplicated answer.

    26. And finally, this refreshingly truthful statement.