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Posted on Jul 22, 2016

Here's What It's Actually Like To Be A Girl Under 5'3"

Ah, my head is an armrest again. Brilliant.

1. Constantly being eye-level with everyone else's nips.

VH1 / Via

Where are your eyes? I can't see them...

2. And getting a faceful of boob anytime you try to hug someone goodbye.

At least it's nice and soft!

3. Having to crop your tall friends out so you can actually be in the photo.


4. Being in the "shallow end" and still not being able to actually stand.

Having a great time here, y'all! Can we get out now?

5. And getting trapped in the pool if there isn't a stair or ladder situation.

Again, a little help here?

6. Thinking you're a lot taller than you are, and then getting a very real reality check.

Oh, I'm not 6'2"? Cool, I'll just take a million steps back then.

7. Having people casually lean on you because you happen to be the perfect height for their elbows.

Can. You. Not.

8. Sitting in chairs and never really knowing what the ground feels like.

Just doing the feet dangling dance, don't mind me!

9. Walking into stores and realizing the pants are actually the size of your entire body.

Cool. Which leg hole should I put my head through?

10. And the only pants that never need hemming are cropped ones, which just look normal on you.

Cropped pants = perfect pants

11. Walking with other people and having to briskly run so you can keep up with their longer legs.

Frederator Studios / Via

Could we take a five-minute break, tho? Starting to feel winded here.

12. Being the same size as your own pet.

If you sit on me, you might kill me, but I'm OK with that.

13. Never really knowing what your tall friends are seeing, because you simply cannot.

What's the air like up there, anyway?

14. Not being able to reach anything without a crane, ever.

Top shelves are not our friends.

15. And being forced to improvise in order to reach anything.

What. Can. I. Climb. On?

16. Never having arms that are long enough to get any job done properly.

17. And constantly feeling protected at all times, because being short means you're surrounded by an army of tall people.

E! / Via

Short friends + Tall friends = Best Possible Outcome

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