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    Sigourney Weaver's Love Affair With Cats

    Maybe she loves them a little too much.

    Siggy's affinity started with Jones the Cat on the set of their film, "Alien," in 1979.

    Purr on, Jones, purr on.

    Where many speculated that they were more than just coworkers.

    Much, much more than that.

    Indeed, some went so far as to label them, "BFFs 4 Ever" and "Kitty Soulmates."

    But those titles didn't even begin to scratch the surface of what they shared.

    Or of what Sigourney was beginning to understand as her true cat-loving self.

    She entertained friendships with animals other than cats. If you can imagine it.

    But each of those fleeting relationships left her with a hollow longing she knew only had one cure.

    One adorable and wonderful cure.

    So. Fluffy. Must. Hold. It.

    Let the truth be known: Sigourney Weaver is one epic cat lady.

    We should all be so lucky.

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