28 Signs That Cameron Frye Is Your Spirit Animal

We all want to be Ferris Bueller, but you honestly think you might be getting sick right now.

1. You’re a terrible backseat driver.

2. This is what happens anytime your friends want to go outside:

4. You totally freak out whenever someone else does something nice for you.

5. When you look at art, it’s almost as if the art is looking INTO YOUR SOUL!

6. You hate pools, in general.

7. You wear your emotions on your face.

8. And sometimes prefer to speak without words.

Who needs talking when you don’t have to?

9. You’re a little bit of a hypochondriac.

10. This is your reaction when someone tries to call you:

11. And you’ve definitely said this to someone:

12. When you go to a sporting event, you’ll be the one with the food.

13. Convincing yourself to leave the house is an epic ordeal.

14. And you kind of freak out whenever you have to drive anywhere.

15. But your friends have figured out what you’re up to, and they’re not having any of it.

16. Your best friend is the most important person in the world.

17. Because you’re totally adorable together.

18. This is how you look when you try to dance.

19. And this is what happens when someone cute asks you a question.

20. When you’re driving, you make this face:

21. And this is how you look when you really want something.

22. Your friends often have to stop you from making a huge mistake.

23. You have a subtle way of telling people you don’t like them.

24. And even though you tend to complain a lot…

25. And sometimes get a little nervous about life…

26. The truth is that you’re a lot stronger than you look.

27. Like, seriously, you’re pretty fucking awesome.

28. And your friends would be totally lost without you.

Especially considering you have the coolest shades/hat combo.

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