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    Posted on Sep 30, 2015

    19 Things That Happen When You're Basically The Same Age As Your Sibling

    When your older sibling isn't actually that much older.

    1. As kids, you ended up dressing as twins in almost every family photo.

    2. When one of you wanted a toy, so did the other, which became a bit of a problem.

    3. And whatever was their toy also became yours, because you were often forced to share.

    4. Sleepovers didn't just happen with friends, because you had a built in sleepover buddy in your sibling.

    5. Because you're so close in age, people don't automatically assume you're siblings.

    6. But once people find out you're related, they immediately say that you look alike.

    7. Being so close in age meant that you were both at the same level when it came to arguing, which could be infuriating, which led to more arguing.


    8. As the older sibling, you've always felt a ferocious need to protect your younger sibling.

    9. And teaching your younger sibling the ways of the world was a given.

    10. But as the younger sibling, you have an uncanny ability to know when your sibling is lying.


    11. And as the youngest, you know exactly how to manipulate situations to your favor when you need to.

    12. Because you're both so close in age, you know exactly what to say to hurt the other person's feelings.

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    13. And when words fail, you're not afraid to punch, kick, bite, or pull their hair to get your point across.

    14. Until that terrifying moment when puberty hits and one of you grows way taller than the other. Then it's no more hitting.

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    15. Being close in age means that you tattled often and with little care to the consequences.


    16. And you weren't afraid to call each other out whenever given the opportunity.

    17. But when you both really needed something, you knew how to scheme together to get what you wanted.

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    18. At some point, you both got a lot older and started to really appreciate having another person who knows pretty much exactly what you're going through.

    19. And since you know each other so well, you no longer need words to communicate.

    Sometimes a mutual ~look~ will do just fine.

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